"Each stitch like running letters in the script, embellished with embroideries like punctuations, hands moving like clockwork in perfect harmony like a lyrical language, turns fabric into a novel of beauty."

When you wear Devnaagri, you wear a story, one of tradition, hard work and time. Like each letter in the Devanagari script that has a unique phonetic, each ensemble is uniquely crafted with utmost dexterity of our karigars infused with the voice of our designer duo. 

All of Devnaagri's ensembles and accessories are handcrafted in India using locally sourced fabrics.
Gotta Patti embroidery and Block-Printing extensively manifest our aesthetic vocabulary. Block printing is a technique that has been passed down from generation to generation, a treasure of our Indian ancestry. Using our designers vibrant vision, karigars etch and carve designs inspired by mother earth, on wooden blocks. Devnaagri’s pret wear is synonymous with nature-inspired block prints that have become everyday wardrobe essentials. The prints are a stamp of the hard work that goes into hand-sculpting each block and the determination to ensure precision with the cut of each cloth.

Adding to the dreamy mix of colour and pattern is the glimmer of Gota Patti. The lengthy and time-consuming processes are like novels filled with chapters that are inspired by India and its festivities. The metallic applique ribbons that decorate Devnaagri’s couture are a celebration of Indian royalty. Each backstitch using delicate zari stitches a story of tradition and diversity. We constantly reinterpret the “patti”, traditionally a leaf-like motif with exclusive themes of different shapes, wildlife and flora, bringing a sense of novelty to your festive favourites. Every Devnaagri is a short story, filled with inspiration of the most joyous and special moments.

As if the process of stitching the Gota, “Taakayi”, is not elaborate enough, we elevate our work by using other traditional techniques using Dori, Pearl work and Resham, threadworks that lend an old-world charm. From time to time, varied techniques and silhouettes seep into our practical-traditional styles, always intending to balance design and value. Handcrafted with love, each Devnaagri ensemble is infused with sentiments of our rich artisanal culture.

"Channelling the vibe of royalty in India, through pattern, vibrant colours, surface texturing and nostalgia - Devnaagri is designed to be a piece of Indian authenticity that is truly yours."