Devnaagri est. 2013 finds inspiration from the Devanagari script, from which all modern Indian writing systems are derived. We speak a design language embellished with artisanal opulence and everlasting embroideries, all treasures of our ancient inheritance. The continuous horizontal lines that bind the script are like the threads of tradition deeply interwoven into our ensembles that preserve the magic and intricacy of Indian tradition. “Deva” also means heavenly and divine, encompassing the feelings you experience in a Devnaagri.

Devnaagri started as a celebration and reflection of the Indian woman and her myriad personalities. With each collection, we explored her sincerity to stay rooted and admired her strength to evolve. Along her odyssey, we grew in parallel to be more sophisticated in our aesthetic, more confident in our vestments and more cosmopolitan in our ambitions. 

At Devnaagri, we are not reinventing ourselves or the wheel. Instead, we are keeping the wheel of tradition spinning, by re-interpreting Indian aesthetics, indigenous embroideries and unparalleled craftsmanship, all of which are sacred to our creative existence. Our affirmation is in the preservation of our culture, harnessing the ever-evolving genius of local artisans, bringing back forgotten fabrics, and our unwavering commitment to sophisticated detailing.

Like our aesthetic, our evolution has been grassroots-like; organic and traditional. In 2016, we launched our e-commerce growing our family internationally. As we garnered the attention of women who craved our traditional made-to-measure ensembles, we naturally became a part of their special occasions. We serendipitously ventured into dressing families, helping us realize the multi-generational and ageless appeal our ensembles express. With this humble intention, we hope to create collections that you will regularly revisit in your wardrobe with ease and confidence. 

Devnaagri is an Indian traditional clothing brand for families who covet classic and endearing ensembles, authentic of Indian artistry.



Welcoming you into the utopia of traditional simplicity meets superior design are the duo Kavita and Priyanka Jain. For Kavita and Priyanka, Devnaagri is a celebration of their journey as sisters, women entrepreneurs, their families and traditions. A collection of nostalgic moments from their summer visits to the flower markets of Jaipur, seeing their grandmother dress in festive finery and their experience in the apparel business inspired their creative journey as designers. 

Kavita and Priyanka’s passion is contagious. Age is no bar for the designer duo, who have gained recognition for their hands-on experience. Their innate ability to translate their love for design into everyday essentials and festive favourites is truly special. They are so intricately involved in every aspect of building Devnaagri that it is a true reflection of their journey of creative entrepreneurship. 

Priyanka loves the interplay of bright colours and simple silhouettes while Kavita loves working with muted tones and rich fabrics. Together they are the soul of the Devnaagri Family. 

With Gratitude & Love
The Devnaagri Family